5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Written by: Seada


Another do-it-yourself list to get your eyes rolling? I hear you! I’m not much of a believer in those myself, which is why I am sharing with you my 5 actual, simple strategies to effectively boost self-esteem. These 5 steps helped me personally, and I’m hoping they will be of service to you, too!
Before we begin, take a moment to reflect on why we get stuck with low self-esteem. No matter how much we try to change an unpleasant behavior, we typically revert to our old ways in a short amount of time. One reason behind the reversion is that our knowledge about the new behavior is limited. And when our knowledge is limited, we leap 10 steps backward towards what’s familiar. Right? I have been there, too. From new fab diets to self-help books, I’ve maybe lasted about 5-10 days on the “new” endeavors. So, without further due, here are 5 key ingredients to boost self-esteem:
1. Understand why self-esteem is essential to you. When we attempt to take action to learn a new lesson,  start a new job, or greet a friend, we are more likely to find motivation which will help to retain new information.
2. Recognize negative self-dialogue in your daily conversations. Try this: read text messages you sent to a close friend about yourself.  Do you hear the sound of negativity? How does that feel for you? It can be a challenge to learn a new language like positivity. (I am bilingual, and the struggle is real at times!)  But the benefit of learning a new language is that you sound confident and optimistic.  Both qualities are attractive.
3. Befriend your flaws. The good thing is we all have flaws. Flaws make us human. No one is free of error.  Befriending your flaws can be a challenge. So instead, ask yourself, how would I help my friend befriend her/his flaws? Proceed to apply the same answer to yourself.
4. Convert negative language into the positive language. Rather than claiming “I am not pretty enough” because this passive and unassertive voice has long existed in your mind., claim that “I am pretty because…”; or “I am capable to manage the company because…” The conversion from negative dialogue to positive dialogue is not only impactful emotionally, physically, and spiritually; it also changes your brain’s chemistry.
5. Practice + practice + practice. Practice and tolerance are always helpful in the long run. Miracles can happen overnight. With a powerful combination of awareness, insight, and some homework, you are already boosting your self-esteem. Change in behavior takes approximately 60 days, claims research. To maintain with weekly progress, perhaps it is helpful to try one of the 5 steps consistently. Set a reminder on your phone, or jot a reminder on a calendar to visibly recognize your progress. Being present with me today already says you are invested in learning and doing! So try today, try with love.
With love, Seada

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