Above it All..

Above it All..

We have all been in situations where we have been hurt and betrayed. These moments, though painful, pass, allowing us an opportunity to reflect over the reality of what happened.

When emotions are high, we only see glimmers of the bigger picture.

When we are overcome with love, the flaws of another are almost unknown to us. When hate overpowers us, we no longer recall a single good that came from the hands of the other. When we are oppressed, we hope strength returns to us so that vengeance can be sought.

The hardest thing to do in any such circumstance is to see that, above all of what we endure, is God.

Just because we were betrayed by someone, and they seem to have walked away unscathed, this does not mean that justice will remain undone.

Many of the moments we endure feel unbearable, but above it all is a Justice that our minds cannot yet fathom, and a peace that our hearts have yet to behold.

Above it all is God.


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