Basic Coaching Tips

Basic Coaching Tips

1. Communication is essential to your success. This includes communicating with others, as well as communicating with yourself.
2. Self-care contributes to your wellness and happiness. It allows you to create positive and intrinsic energy to help you keep moving forward.
3. Keeping yourself busy with a list of goals or a daily task list allows you to remain present. Remaining in the here and now allows you to accomplish more, by reducing your level of stress and anxiety.
4. Having a daily planner helps lessen your overthinking, offering you more clarity and the ability to accomplish your tasks without forgetting the important ones.
5. Perspective is key. It is your choice whether or not you wake up on the bad side or the good side of the bed in the morning.
6. Happiness is always attainable. Sometimes it is important for you to revaluate your goals and set realistic expectations.
7. Taking time out of your day to relax and re-energize (an hour or two) allows you to become more productive.
8. Setting goals is great, but creating an action plan for your goals is also necessary.
9. Rather than thinking about whether or not you want to pass or fail, think about how well you want to pass instead.
10. Talk to yourself often. Coach yourself through every goal, so that you are aware of your progress.

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