Written by: Chereen


Doubt can creep into your mind when someone rejects you. But that doubt has no home, and if you take it in then you have made a personal choice. When you bring to the table kindness, sincerity, genuineness, and honesty, but the other person refuses to digest or swallow it, realize it isn’t you. It’s them. It’s them, and the inability of their heart to stomach it. Maybe your sweetness took them by surprise, and it is possible they just don’t know how to digest what they’re not used to giving. You can refrain from sharing these qualities and let them ruin what you have blossomed, or you can continue to grow. You can continue to share these traits that blossom more and more every time you touch a person’s life.

It might be that you were rejected by someone when all you wanted to do was offer them the sweetness that you have harvested in your heart. It probably took you by surprise, disappointed you, or hurt you. Maybe years later, through a turn of events, they recognized how sweet the offer of your friendship, acquaintanceship, or companionship truly was for their overall well-being. They could have no way to get in touch with you and instead wallow in regret. But then fate could have it that they reach out to you, and you could have grown a huge garden that blossoms so beautifully it’s blinding.

And you, because you recognize that this is from the favors of your Lord, you could offer them from your garden. They would be grateful, and you would blossom even more. Rejection is never a reason to reject yourself. You are who you are, because you worked hard to harvest your deeds and bloom. You have the choice to let someone shatter what you bring to the table, or to continue to grow. Despite the way others might treat you, their attitude should never hinder your ability to blossom.

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