Letters for your soul [3]

Letters for your soul [3]

Dear Wonderful,

I know that life has been taking its toll on you. I know that you give and you give, but you are not given back. There have been many times where you give it your all, only to feel like nobody cares. And even if you did something great, you feel like only the negatives are called out. I noticed that you are drained. Life has this way of squeezing the happiness out of you, and at times it can be a bit too much to handle. At times, you are ready to give up. I know that you want this big blessing to shower you, but that might not happen. However, it does not mean there are not small blessings that come your way every single day. They might be hard to see, especially if you are so discouraged by your struggles. I know that sometimes you cannot change your negative circumstances, but you can control your perspective to be positive. If you feel like nobody truly understands you, then realize that God does. He cares. And these struggles are not meant to break, you, they are meant to wake you. While they might take a toll on you, they are permanently meant to make you stronger. All the tears, all the worries that led you to getting on your knees, and all the nights where you stayed up wondering and reflecting– all of those experiences matter. If they do not matter to you, or to anyone else, they always matter to God. Chin up. You are a lot more wonderful than you think you are.



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  1. Ifrah on December 8, 2016 at 11:42 am

    Beautiful ❤

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