Faith and protection

Faith and protection

Written by: Ali

“And the family of Fir’aoun picked him up out of the river…” [28:8]

The most frequented story in the Quran is the story of Musa (as), because through it we’re taught faith.

Allah chose Haroon (as) to be born first, safely. And then chose for Musa to be born afterwards in a time where Fir’aoun began killing newborn boys out of fear that one would grow up to take his rule. Unfavorable circumstances for Musa from the very beginning.

Despite being born into those frightening years, Allah saved Musa. But then seemingly contradictory, Allah sends Musa to be raised in Fir’aoun’s home. In and around Musa’s greatest fear.

In that is a very beautiful lesson. Allah is teaching us that He’ll save us even if we’re in and around what we fear most.

When those negative thoughts disrupt our peace of mind, He’ll save us.

When anxiety intensifies, He’ll save us.

When we mess up, He’ll forgive our sins.

When things are bad, He’ll fix our troubles.

Maintain faith in Him. He’ll always be there.

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