Featured Inspiration: Ruma Begum

Featured Inspiration: Ruma Begum

Written by: Chereen


Ruma Begum is our March/April Featured Inspiration. In honor of Muslim Women’s Day, we would like to take a moment to thank Ruma and women all over the globe who aim to have a positive impact on other’s lives. Thank you for being amazing. Thank you for being you.

Ruma Begum. Her name is enough to capture your attention. Her influence is enough to keep it. Describing Ruma in one word is simple. She is moving. Remaining stagnant is not an option when your motto is, “Be versatile and die authentic.” Whether she is on the go with influential photoshoots, or motivating you with her thoughts on life, Ms. Begum captures your attention with her moving personality.

As part of this generation of influencers, Ruma is someone who motivates you to change your life for the better. I came across her by chance, and I decided to watch one of her videos. It was about hijab, and her words moved something inside me. This is the moment I realized that an influencer is supposed to do just that, they’re supposed to inspire your heart. If done correctly, you can feel their empathy through their videos. When watching Ruma or reading her words, you feel like you are talking to a close friend. The empathy and connection is there, and she does it incredibly well.

“I had a story to tell. I lived a double life for so long. I was continuously sweeping things under the rug and made myself look perfect for society. I needed to build a platform to share the reality of things because I found out there were so many like me. I just like to glam things up a bit.”

Ruma’s ability to move a person with her words and relatable personality comes from her past experiences. She grew up in what she considers to be an eclectic town. In this town, there was both good and bad that exposed her to a lot growing up. From a young age, her mother was also diagnosed with a mental illness. As a result of moving many times, Ruma dealt with heartbreaks and double standards from a young age. Rather than succumbing to her trials, she taught herself to seek an inner balance. Ruma states, “I always used to say that I had an affinity towards thunderstorms because the external noises sounded too familiar and reminded me of home. Now I look forward to a summer breeze because the wind takes me where I am needed to be.”

The past can be inspiring. Ruma believes that it is enough motivation to keep her going, as it allows her to push further and continue finding the light that comes after the darkness. According to Ruma, maintaining the light is a decision you make for yourself. She also has her inner child to thank, as it supports her in accomplishing her goals.

“As a child, I loved nature. I mentioned earlier that thunderstorms bought me peace. These days I can stare at a moon and remain in awe for minutes or hours even. The inner child in me always seeks to have fun. I claim that when I am 50 I will have the heart of a child. It missed out on a lot growing up due to the journey my childhood consisted of. So nowadays it allows itself to come out and play.”

Having a routine is also part of Ruma’s plan for success. In order to maintain an evenness in both worlds, she works during the week as a software tester. After work, she has a light meal, goes to the gym, showers, and rests. During the weekends, she books a photoshoots for at least one hour during the day. This allows her to keep a proper balance.

Everyone has tough days, but for Ruma, having God and positive support makes them easier. “The toughest days I found myself kneeling on the floor in dark spaces talking to God. Prayer helps me through so much. My friends and family are my greatest support system.” According to Ruma, these are life essentials. It is clear that Ruma walks with purpose, and the good days are not secluded from this mindset. On good days, Ruma remains humbled. She makes the most of her time and refuses to waste it idly. She once enjoyed binge-watching TV, but these days watching TV is a bonding time with her brother. It is the small things that she tries to enjoy, as family is a very important component to Ruma’s happiness.

“For those struggling to find inner inspiration: Allow something to break you; whether its someone you love, whether it is a dream you are chasing after, run for it and allow it to break you. When you are broken you will find the deepest inspirations within yourself and your art will become infectious. Whatever it is you are good at, it will push through. Allow it to happen and let it speak for itself. The truest form of beauty comes from broken things. Push yourself beyond your own limits.”

When you are in need of motivation or a positive role model, Ruma suggests that whenever you seek motivation, it is important to seek it from something that will all around make you better. “Truth be told, every woman has it in them to be their own positive light.” She also recommends that you look for it within yourself. Ruma believes that when you find your true confidence, you can rule the world. A vital tip of hers would be to allow yourself to find a happy place and train your thoughts to know that you deserve everything you work for. You will manifest what you think and feel.

“I had many situations where I told myself I’m done. I was exhausted, tired but also relentless. Even if I wanted to give up, something inside me just wouldn’t allow it. However, to tame the external factors of failure or rejections (which will always come in life), I found a balance within myself. I meditate, eat right, work out, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy it. The things that make me happy. When I become happy, I give off good vibrations and in return receive them.”

While Ruma has accomplished so much, she is only just beginning. There is more in store for Ruma Begum, and a lot more for her viewers to look forward to in the future. After recently making a comeback to YouTube with real talks on topics such as hijab and self-love, Ruma is returning with full force. In order to offer her supporters a better platform, she is also creating her own website with her friends. In doing so, she is defying the odds, as others worked to discourage her by saying YouTube was not for a girl like her. Her ambitious energy did not allow this to deter her from her goal of positively influencing others. She has returned and has already positively influenced many people with her sincere thoughts and motivational perspective on life.

There is so much to love about Ruma, but her positive energy and sincere attitude are qualities that will always be remembered by everyone that meets her. Ruma wants you to know, “I pray that whoever reads this finds positivity in their lives. I want everyone to know that they are all in control of their own lives with the help of God. Balance and moderation are key to everything!”

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