Heartbreak 101

Heartbreak 101

Written by: Chereen


I’m listening more, and speaking less. I guess you can say I’m learning. I’m learning that sometimes we break our own hearts. And heartbreak is anything but romantic. I’m starting to understand the levels of heartbreak, and how sometimes you’re immune to a certain amount of heartbreak because you have felt much worse. Now, when your ice cream falls off the cone,  you just calmly walk away. Your heart might have slightly broken, but it’s not enough to get a reaction out of you. You can always get more ice cream. But then five days pass where you have not prayed to God. You begin to feel the distance. It wasn’t He that moved, it was you. So you broke your own heart by letting down the One that is always there for you. That type of heartbreak hurts. It hits the inner depth of your heart, and sometimes it can make you go insane. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to pray in order to heal your heart. That’s how you gain the closeness you distanced yourself from, as well.

I’m learning that God gives you solutions to heal your broken heart, even when you broke it yourself. I’m also learning that when other people chip off a piece of your heart and walk away with it, you can grow a new, better piece by simply turning to Him. I’m also understanding more and more the importance of surrounding yourself with people who love you for the sake of God. Not only will the love be rewarding, but it will keep your heart intact.

Actions are judged by intentions and every person shall have only that which they intended. I guess that also means I’ve learned something about intentions. Keep your intentions pure from the start, and renew them daily in order to protect the wholeness of your heart. Love others for the sake of God, and leave them for the sake of God. But in order to really be happy, the secret is in who you give your heart to. Allow others to live in the warmth of your heart, to feel the comfort of your heart, but give your heart only to God. After all, you belong to God and to Him you return. You might as well give your heart to Him and ensure a safe return.

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