Intentions and Consequences

Intentions and Consequences

Written by: Abeeda


Take a moment to ask yourself: If someone comes to you, sharing the pain that an action of yours has caused, how will you you respond?

Do you meet them with a, “But that was never my intention,” and feel that has set the situation straight?

Let me then push you to expand your mind and think a little further.

Yes, your intentions may have been good, but with every action comes consequences. If what you did led to pain despite you only wishing good, then that pain can not be negated. That pain–it still remains in existence.

Our actions are by intentions, and our judgement will be based upon that, but how we react to unintended consequences speaks volumes about who we are.

So I ask you: Please hear the pain that others bring to your attention, and if it was brought about by your actions, seek to bring comfort to replace the inadvertent harm that was caused.



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