Once in a lifetime souls..

Once in a lifetime souls..

Written by: Abeeda


You are beautiful, and your heart is tender and warm.

You have spent your life giving and serving others in their times of need and their times of ease.

You know no other way; that is just how delicately your heart has been formed.

Then there came a time when you found your heart shattered by the abuse of the ones you loved and the ones you served.

The pain seared through you, leaving you disillusioned and broken.

Your heart lies in front of you now; pieces too small to put back together again.

So you spend some time alone–days, weeks, months, or years –however long you need to begin to understand.

Your heart is beautiful even in its brokenness; you find reasons to excuse the ones who showed no remorse–you appreciate that just because you loved without condition, not every heart possesses that purity, and so, you begin to piece the fragments together.

Time has passed, and you begin to breathe again, you feel the beauty that life has dealt, even when masked behind the ugliness of sorrow.

As you walk through this life, the ones who broke you will cross your path. You will look upon them, and your heart will ache.

In their eyes, you will see how desperately they have searched for a soul as beautiful and sincere as yourself.

Their gaze will drop, overwhelmed with regret, and you will walk on, knowing you survived what they could not.



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