Q+A: A proud cry baby

Q+A: A proud cry baby

Written by: Chereen

Q: Is crying a sign of weakness? I cry very easily. My parents keep scolding me for crying over little things.  Sometimes it happens after arguing with someone, knowing that I am correct; still tears starts rolling down my cheek.

Is it because I have soft heart or am I crazy?

A: Crying is definitely not a sign of weakness, that’s a distorted thought some ignorant person came up with that they sprinkled around the world. ??‍♀️

Culturally, people think of crying as a weakness but I’ve come to learn that not knowing how to react to a person’s tears is the real weakness. It’s okay to be emotional, because expressing emotions is a valuable trait to have.

However, not everyone is worthy of your tears. If you feel like you’re about to cry and the person in front of you doesn’t appreciate your tears then excuse yourself and cry in a safe space. Don’t hold back tears because that will make you angry and frustrated.

You’re not crazy and you already know that about yourself. It’s not that you have a soft heart, it’s that you have a gentle heart.

But i do want you to understand why you’re crying when you cry. Ask yourself if you’re upset, happy, frustrated, etc. Try to comprehend where the tears are coming from so that you’re in control of your emotions.

If your parents aren’t understanding then avoid tearing up in front of them. Don’t change who you are, most people hold back tears or don’t know how to shed them. As a result, they’re frustrated by their heavy hearts.

Crying is a good thing, and I’m saying it as a therapist that’s a proud cry baby. ?

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