Q+A: How to study well

Q+A: How to study well

Written by: Chereen

Dear Chereen,

How do you increase your memory when studying for a big test? I feel like I keep revising and revising in circles.



Dear Friend,

Study in advance. I used to have my students prepare for their semester as soon as they got their syllabus. I’d also have them look up previous syllabi to get an idea before classes started so they could prep for the semester in advance. This gave them a head start and helped them feel refreshed.

I do advise you to talk to your TA often and to meet with your professor. Join study groups if you can and connect with other classmates. Take notes and go over them together.

Also, make sure to take breaks between studying. Pace yourself by studying for an hour, then break for 20 min. Do what helps you feel refreshed, so that you can retain the information better.

Also, make sure to get your rest because sleep is incredibly important for you to be successful. It’s not about how “smart” you are, it’s about having the knowledge to study well.




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