Q+A: I want revenge on him

Q+A: I want revenge on him

Written by: Chereen

Q: I need your help as I see you are amazing at helping people. My fiancé left me, so I want revenge, what’s the best way to get it? I want him to regret what he has done; even if he is to suffer. We fought a lot, I also wasn’t as nice as I could be; but he can’t leave. I always said I’d leave first now he’s gone forever.

Help me ?

A: To put it bluntly, it’s probably for the better that you’re not together. The fact that your goal is to make him suffer by getting revenge tells me that you don’t have him in your best interest.

Since I do sense a lot of tension and resentment, the both of you clearly need to be seeing other people. At the moment, I don’t feel it’s healthy for you to be in a relationship. I do not specialize in revenge, so I cannot assist you with that. Your relationship was not healthy if it was based upon fighting and feelings of animosity.

He can leave, and it’s clearly for the better that he did. Unless it’s all about the ego, then it doesn’t matter who ended it. My suggestion is to move forward and leave him be. Let him carry on with his life. You get what you give, so if your goal is to give revenge, then you should worry about that revenge happening to you in the future. Make it your goal to focus on self-improvement and being a sincere person. It’s clear that he might have hurt you in the past, but you’re better than that.

Let God deal with him and worry about yourself. You’ll get through this without hurting someone else in the process.

Trust me, it’s for the better. ❤️

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