Written by: Abeeda


“People will treat you badly if you continue to allow it.”

You may have diffused tensions for others, you may have helped those in difficulty, but in amongst it all, where did you stand?

One of the hardest things to adopt when you are a naturally considerate and empathetic person is the need to set defined principles for yourself. These principles are your safe zone. They form sign posts that you know will lead to unhappiness if they are breached. These principles should give you ease when you doubt your instinct to say no.

That’s the other hard thing for you to do: Say no. This is when you must remind yourself that you know your own heart better than someone external making assumptions about your internal state. Your intentions are your greatest strength. When you say no to others, with the intention of being kinder to yourself, there is no need for justification, there is no need for guilt and there is no need for excessive apologies.

We all deserve peace of mind, and only we can set the standards that lead towards us achieving that. Be kind to yourself and maintain your kindness towards others.



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