The Battle Inside

The Battle Inside

Written by: Abeeda


I find the human mind fascinating in how it works tirelessly to keep pain blocked out. It whispers reassurances even though our hearts are beginning to realize that something isn’t quite right.

Our hearts sense negative things, which we understand through our instinct, but in our minds, the battle to block out pain is fierce and real. Those red flags our hearts unfurl get washed out, paling from red to pink to cream, until we come to believe that maybe they were never red at all.

As time passes by, our minds become tired and the ability to keep fighting becomes just too overwhelming. The pain begins to seep in slowly, and our hearts feel defeated after sending out multiple messengers, all of which were shot down. It is then that we are faced with our reality: A mind that is filled with sorrow, and a heart that beats a broken rhythm.

The time has now come, for our heart to answer the battle cries and rise above the pain, standing stronger and firmer than it ever has done before.




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