The Middle Path

The Middle Path

Written by: Abeeda


We have hearts that long to hold on to gifts that were never meant to last. It’s our human make up. We go to the extremes of emotion, but just as with our faith, moderation is key to our finding peace.

The Prophet Muhammad (s) said:

“Love your beloved moderately, perhaps he becomes hated to you someday. And hate whom you hate moderately, perhaps he becomes your beloved someday.” (Hasan)

[Chapters On Righteousness: Jami At-Tirmidhi]

Our lives are constantly changing, and it is out of God’s Wisdom that we are encouraged by Prophetic Guidance to be aware of the degrees of our heart. Too much of even the most wonderful of things can lead us towards sickness, and so we must always ensure we find our way back to our middle path.



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