The Pancake Experience

The Pancake Experience

Written by: Khadeja

Regardless of whether you got your pancake recipe from your mom, Martha Stewart, or a modified healthy version. They will all have one thing in common; the first pancake will always meet its fate in the garbage bin. Whether you are making them on a frying pan or on a fancy grill contraption, it takes some time to perfect the temperature.

Life is the same, our first attempt at pretty much anything will somehow flop one way or the other. A lot of the times the fear of failure keeps us from even trying, because we somehow believe that we can predict the future of our desired endeavor; and most of the time it is so bleak and gloomy. Where would we be had we given up after our first attempt at walking? Children are truly admirable when it comes to the lack of their inhibitions.

Often, we are far too precious with our dreams and goals turning them into sacred ideas in our mind that are untouchable. When really, we should just take a step towards them and accept the messy first pancake as a part of our journey.

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