The picture frame

The picture frame

Written by: Khadeja

A couple’s relationship is tested in many ways throughout the span of their marriage. These tests vary in severity and impact but nonetheless they end up tugging at the roots of the marriage- seeing how far the couple is willing to withstand. They may come in the form of a health problem, sudden redundancy at work, or the loss of a parent. Often, the relationship can be tested by something that can appear so insignificant.

I give you the picture frame episode.

Hanging a picture frame on the wall as a single person is very simple; either it gets done then and there after a brief deliberation with one’s self or it gets delegated to a handyman/neighbor/dad.

Hanging a picture frame on the wall as a couple is an entirely different experience. First, there is the decision of what photo/artwork should go on which wall. Next, is a lengthy discussion about which tools should be used to complete the job. Often, this results in a trip to the hardware store – necessary in the mind of the husband, unnecessary as far as the wife is concerned – to purchase a far too powerful tool for such a small domestic job. Followed by attempting to use said power tool in a way that doesn’t destroy the wall or the surroundings. Bearing in mind that throughout all these phases arguments weave themselves through every interaction. Both sides start snapping as they each think that their way is quicker/smarter/better. Finally, the frame is on the wall.

In the following weeks every time the couple sees the frame they are filled with admiration and pride; quickly forgetting the struggle that was behind this accomplishment.

Because at the end of the day – regardless of the method – the important thing is that the frame ended up on the wall.


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