When being right about someone hurts

When being right about someone hurts

Written by: Chereen


There’s this feeling that you get in your stomach when you first meet someone. Either they limit the air that you breathe, or they leave you with all the air you need.

Those that limit the air that you breathe leave you with an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach. Sometimes it’s all you. They might remind you of yourself more than you realize, so you instantly dislike them because they are you and you have enough of you in your life.

You could be friends in the future. They could even become your better half. But in this very moment in time, it is written for your souls to simply part ways.

You don’t always want to be right about someone because sometimes being right actually hurts. There are moments where you wish someone would prove your feeling wrong, but as you progress they make it harder for you to breathe. The air that you share is not clear. You try your best to ignore it, making it incredibly challenging for you to steer.

And then something happens. After all the warning signs, they directly prove that those unsettling feelings were correct. It hurts a lot to be right about someone when you wish you were wrong. It’s a grievance that was never really yours from the start. It can tear you apart and leave you feeling so messed up inside.

As difficult as it might be to recognize, all of this is a sign from God. It’s a sign to move forward. It’s a reminder to listen to your intuition so that you protect your heart. The people you choose to be part of your universe should always leave you feeling content. May your air be filled with clarity and soothe your heart from the start.

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