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Life Coaching

Coaching you through the waves of life as both a counselor and a coach.


Mental Health

Because your wellbeing is important, mental health is a priority at Dear Chereen.



Providing you with supportive tips and advice to help guide you.


Self Care

Promoting the importance of self care to improve your everyday life.

How did Coaching by Dear Chereen start?

Throughout my journey I have always had a desire to help others help themselves. I started my coaching journey at the young age of 19 and passionately enjoyed supporting others. As someone that has always valued mental health, I realize the importance of becoming a counselor in order to really support others through the tools and knowledge I obtained. As a result, I acquired my masters in counseling and continued/continue to acquire certifications to aid me as a coach as well. There is so much reward in supporting people and seeing them move forward or get through circumstances that are difficult. The coaching provided is in Arabic and English.

For your beautiful heart

The Dear Chereen blog offers advice and inspiration through words.

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Dear Chereen blog offers advice and inspiration through words.


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Chereen is the founder of the inspirational and advice-giving platform, Dear Chereen. She is masters educated Counselor with multiple years of experience, a published author, and a certified change coach with over 13years of experience in the coaching field. She recently published her book, Sensitive: Reflections for the Empathetic Soul.” Chereen is passionate about helping individuals move forward and get through their circumstances and experiences, in order to experience contentment and to feel positive emotions that they genuinely deserve.

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