10 Self-Improvement Tips from a Life Coach

10 Self-Improvement Tips from a Life Coach

Written by: Marissa


Serving as a life coach is one of my greatest passions. I love being the means to help others create attainable, life-changing goals. My favorite topic fits into personal growth. Humans thrive off of having a growth mindset, continuously setting goals to improve and better themselves for the future. Entering different life stages forces us to adjust to changeable patterns while experiencing transitions. Striving to become your best self at every life stage is a wonderful way to forge self-worth.

One common question I hear about personal growth is, “How do I change my life today, in small steps, so I can be a better person in the future?”

I struggled to answer this question for a long time. The details of each individual’s mental, emotional, and physical health always come into consideration. However, with the help of experience in life-coaching, as well as my own practices in self-improvement and mindfulness, I created this simple list as a jump-start to positive change. Changing yourself involves small steps. It is extremely difficult to make large changes without starting small. The steps provided below are attainable and easy to implement, regardless of age or circumstance.  Start small to see big changes.

  • Make your bed: Psychologically, it has been proven that those who make their bed ignite a productive mindset for the day. Making your bed is one of the easiest tasks to accomplish upon waking up. Starting your day with this small victory will make a growth mindset easier to attain.
  • Wash your sheets weekly: Scent is powerful for the mind, body, and soul. If you find yourself in a low mood, toss your sheets in the wash with a beautiful scented fragrance. Treating yourself to a relaxing night with fresh sheets will be a gentle release after a long day.
  • Wake up with the sun: There is something internally satisfying about waking up with the sun. Sunrise is symbolic of starting the day with the rest of everything alive around you. Holistically speaking, those choosing to wake up with the sun have more energy and increased motivation.
  • Do 15 minutes of light exercise: Our bodies were made to move. Most importantly, movement isn’t meant to be forced. If you don’t enjoy a strenuous workout, then don’t put yourself into an uncomfortable position. Try 15 minutes of light yoga, tai chi or a quick jog. Endorphins are natural mood boosters and stimulate an appetite for breakfast.
  • Make breakfast and eat breakfast while doing nothing else: I think my favorite part of mindfulness is being present with meals. I’m challenging you to make breakfast part of your morning routine. Food is fuel. I have never known a productive person who actively skips breakfast. Take 10 minutes out of your day to make breakfast, turn off your phone, and eat while being fully present. Put your focus on just eating and enjoying your food. If you have no time to make breakfast, prep the night prior or something quick to grab for munching. Stopping to eat before a busy day is a great way to forge presence.
  • Admire yourself: At any time of the day, acknowledging ourselves helps remind us of our own self-worth. When you have a moment, look at yourself in the mirror. Study your features and remind yourself of your unique authenticity. Appreciate what is to be alive, being present with yourself and ultimately the master in creating your day.
  • Start with expressing (not writing) gratitude: Gratitude and gratitude journaling are very popular right now. I’ve noticed most of my clients can’t find the time to pause and write. Here’s a thought: Instead of writing, try thinking of one thing to be grateful for in the moment. Take the time to contemplate and reflect. Starting with one moment of grateful expression is a spark to ignite a grateful life.
  • Express love towards someone: Love is at its best when freely given to others. How often to do express how much someone means to you? It never hurts to send a simple text or call someone out of appreciation. Most people are pleasantly surprised by the simplest moments of personal attention.
  • Create a “happiness” playlist: Sound has a profound effect on mood and mindset. Making a weekly playlist with “happy” songs or soothing sounds will keep your mind in its positive vibration. Changing the songs on a weekly basis is a wonderful way to explore sounds that positively alter your mood. Start with choosing five songs and play them in the background or during your work commute.
  • Sing it out: To abstain from singing due to not having a divine voice is to do yourself a disservice. Singing is extremely therapeutic. When I’m speaking about singing, I’m not pushing you to run to an open mic or sing in front of your family. You could just hum or sing to yourself. Using your happiness playlist, hum or sing a song that uplifts your spirits. This instantaneous mood booster is a lovely way to create a positive force.

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