Q+A: Failed Interview

Q+A: Failed Interview

Written by: Chereen

Q: My question is this: how can I properly deal with rejection? I had a job rejection that’s torn me apart because of how much I wanted it. I studied for weeks, quizzed my friends who were working there, and practiced my pitches.

I was qualified but did not get it. The feedback I got was very generic and not helpful. I’m starting to think I may just not be a likeable person. How can I get over this negativity?

A: Rejection is difficult to accept, especially when you’re left without a detailed answer. We all have egos and self-esteems that get affected when we don’t get what we really want. You’re also dealing with the shock and disappointment of wanting something badly, working hard for it, and then not reaping what you sowed. The only way you can get over this negativity is by not being so hard on yourself.

I noticed that you are beating yourself up over not getting the job, and I feel that it might have been even more difficult to accept because you have friends that work there. This leads me to wonder if you can’t help but compare yourself to them or compete. This also has me asking, are you beating yourself up over not getting the job or not winning that role? Is it about the actual job, or the fact that it hurt your confidence? Either one is okay, because we’re all human and the desire to fulfill our goals is incredibly important to us.

I want you to realize that everything that happens, happens for a reason. Everything is written, and at this moment, you’re exactly where you should be. Chances are you’re a likeable person so it’s unkind of you to feel this way about yourself.

This job might have looked ideal on the outside, but it might have been nothing close to what you wanted once you were working there. Rather than seeing it as a negative, look at it as God’s way of protecting you. It’s hard to grasp it at first, but once you’re in a better job or once life plays out it’ll make more sense. I’ve learned that in both prosperity and adversity it’s important to say Alhamdulilah, because even if you don’t realize it, God is always looking out for you.

Take it easy on yourself. I want you to remind yourself of 5 good traits that you possess every morning and before you go to bed. Your good will always outweigh your bad, but sometimes a reminder is necessary for you to see it. ❤️


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