A Farewell Letter

A Farewell Letter

Written by: Amina

Dear beloved,

You’ve been a gift to me, a special one.

Before we part, I have a few things to confess.

With you, I learnt that longings, as bitter as they sound; can be cherished. I tasted how you sweetened the fruits of patience a little more than usual. I welcomed a pleasant realization, that I’m indeed filled with goodness. You cleared the blurry lens of my vision to remind me of the ultimate lighthouse there is. Having trained me so kindly, you cautioned me that my obedience to Him is the only innate sense of purpose and peace. Like a protective friend, you gently helped me renew and realign my intentions and actions. Oh just how you came as a loving warner, holding a banner – “time is limited, time is fleeting.” You filled the air with a sweet fragrance which will linger on for long. They say some things are more special than others and maybe that’s why you were chosen by Him, exclusively.

You know, I’m quite unsure— Are you bidding me farewell or am I bidding you farewell? For my days here are limited and this warm beating heart is not sure of a tomorrow. As Hasan Al Basri says about the mortal human: “You are nothing but a number of days and whenever a day passes away, a part of you passes away.” 

O Ramadan, 

I know that the life of this world is a cycle of arrivals and departures. But I also know with certainty, that my Lord is Al-Baqi— The everlasting. 

So I’ll hold fast to His rope, full of faith and full of hope, I’ll work and I’ll wait, to be entered into the gates of paradise— The eternal abode.

I’ll miss you dearly,

I’ll wait for you eagerly.

  • His desperate servant,
    Amina Kausar


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  1. Aysha Lifam on May 22, 2020 at 9:56 am

    Subhanallah! No words to describe this heartfelt note bidding farewell to our beloved month of Ramadan , it was deep ! ✨

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