A lesson as a parent

A lesson as a parent

Written by: Barah

One of the biggest lessons I’m learning right now is patience. As a parent, you must have patience. You have no other choice. I’m the last one anyone will think of when the word patience is mentioned. Patience has always been the one thing I lacked as a person, unfortunately.

My mother used to always tell me “الطفل بربي” which translates to “a child will discipline you”, no truer words were ever uttered. This is extremely true, on so many levels. When my son came along I was disciplined on a whole other level. I learned how to change a lot in me for him. I wanted to show the best version of me to him. So, I learned how to change bad habits to good ones. And the most apparent one so far has been patience.

I have a lot more patience now than ever before, but I’m still a work in progress. With a child you need to do things at their pace, and to do it with calmness and grace. Because they will do exactly what you do. They will learn how to do things the way you do. Children learn with their eyes more than anything, therefore you need to show them rather than tell them.

I hope one day I can accomplish patience at its finest and be a better person, and parent; InshAllah.

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