A Life Coach’s Top Recommended Self Help Books

A Life Coach’s Top Recommended Self Help Books

Written by: Marissa

Dear Marissa,

I’ve been looking for some books to help me gain a more positive perspective on life. I want any books that uplift me, inspire me, and give me a fresh perspective on my journey. Do you have any good books from your personal/life coaching experience?

Thank you!

Hi Friend,

Yes, I have a wealth of good books that would be of help. Personally, I’ve found these books to be inspiring and uplifting. However, it’s important to remember – for self-help books to be effective, you must be active in implementing their practices into your life. These books are practical, simple, and will be a wonderful guide towards forging new habits:


  1. The Four Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz – Ruiz does an exceptional job of outlining self-limiting beliefs that cultivate our needless suffering. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, these four agreements will help you overcome the power of your own worst critic, the mind, and transform your way of thinking forever. 

  2. Creative Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – For all of my musicians, artists, and creative visionaries – this book is for you. Gilbert shares her personal perspective on creativity and sparking our inner divine “creative magic.” She welcomes the embrace of personal curiosity and says goodbye to the needless suffering hindering our creative genius. Gilbert actively pushes the reader to uncover the “creative jewel” resting inside each of us. Whether the reader is looking to write a novel, an essay, or enhance their personal creativity, Big Magic shows and highlights the spiritual and practical tips around starting our journey. 

  3. Real Love by Sharon Salzberg – In my opinion, this novel is one of the best resources for anyone looking to create a mindfulness habit. Salzberg uses her wealth of knowledge to explain how to truly connect with the present moment. Across her different sections, Salzberg teaches us how to banish negative habits, and focus our mind on love and being loved by our surroundings. By challenging the folklore and myths of our society, we can then truly transform our life around love centered living. 

  4. The Untethered Soul: A Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael Singer – Let me ask you this: what if you had the power to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and self-hate? How do you create an inner serenity that will set you free from toxic thought patterns? The Untethered Soul takes you on a personal journey towards answering these questions. Without a doubt, this novel will transform your relationship with yourself and with the world. Through working around our habitual thought patterns, this book will give you the tools to transform your life and seek the ever so lovely freedom you desire. 

  5. You Are What You Think – 365 Meditations on Purposeful Living by Wayne Dyer –  This book is very simple, but heavily transformative. Throughout the novel, Dyer outlines 365 meditations to contemplate and absorb into your everyday thinking. If you’re looking to take small steps towards big changes, this book will give you the tools to have a beautiful meditation practice. As always, change starts within. With Dyer’s heart centered wisdom, you’ll see the kinder side of yourself come into fruition.


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