A Life I Never Imagined

A Life I Never Imagined

Written by: Barah

I never imagined my life the way it is now.

I pictured a very different future for myself when I was walking around the halls of my university. I saw myself graduating and jumping straight into a job I was preparing myself for the past 4 years. I then saw myself going back to school and getting a higher education while I was working. And basically saw myself building that career I was always dreaming of.

But alas, God had a different plan. A future that included a husband, a home, and a child. Things I never saw when I thought about my future.

Do I wish my life went the way I wanted? No. I wouldn’t trade what I have today with anything. Not a career or higher education.

I can always do those things later on in life. It’s never too late. But if I missed out on my naseeb (the one who’s meant for me/destiny), where else would I get the one? And have a beautiful little boy that I can’t live without? And have an amazing home and life -I wish I knew what I did to deserve-?

I don’t regret anything, and I still have a life ahead of me to accomplish my dreams. With my husband and child by my side, InshAllah❤️

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