A piece of furniture

A piece of furniture

Written by: Barah

It can be wooden, metal, or glass. It comes in all shapes and sizes, all styles and looks. It’s a special piece of furniture that gives a dose of energy and motivation that I’ve never felt before. It’s a piece that can be altered to fit you and your personality. It can have it all. Your favorites should flow out of it, and all around it. It’s your sanctity. Where all your inner thoughts will be poured on to and converted to something absolute amazing.

When it entered the premises of my home, it brought with it the blueprint to all my hopes and dreams. Placing it in the right place was important, to help all the creativity flow right out. Decorating it with all my accomplishments, loved ones, and hopes hanging around it. Surrounding it with all the equipment’s needed to execute all my talents.

Have you guessed what it is yet?

It’s none other than a desk, a working space every person needs to reach their hopes and dreams. A desk in a space of its own can be the best motivation any person really needs.

I was stuck, for a very long time, because I didn’t have a proper working space to call my own. I shared a desk, which was fine, but it was filled with someone else’s hopes and dreams. Not mine. It has their personality and their efforts engraved in it. That’s when I realized, the only way I was going to succeed and prosper was to have a working space to call my own. A space I can put all my personalized supplies, photos, degree/certifications, paintings, equipments…etc. In.

Anyone can do wonders with a strong push a working space gives.

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