A Prayer for Surrendering

A Prayer for Surrendering

Written by: Marissa


We have a tendency to succumb to our own egotistical minds. We have an overbearing need to control everything around us; it gives us a sense of pride to know we can potentially determine our outcomes in life. In some situations, we can bear this inner willpower. But in other circumstances, carrying the heaviness of hopelessness, it helps to surrender everything to our higher power.

I wrote this prayer as a meditation mantra to spark inner guidance and release control. If you are struggling through personal tribulations, may this help lead you back to your source.

Surrender, let go, and trust.

A Prayer for Surrender:

In times of uncertainty,

Help me to grow.

In times I doubt my faith,

Help me to know.

In times when I do not trust,

Help me to thrive.

In times when I’m broken,

Help me to survive.

In times when I’m loveless,

Help me to love.

In times when I’m pushed to my knees,

Help me to seek strength from above.

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