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Chereen is the founder of the inspirational and advice-giving platform, Dear Chereen. She is masters educated Counselor with multiple years of experience, a published author, and a certified change coach with over 13years of experience in the coaching field. She recently published her book, Sensitive: Reflections for the Empathetic Soul.” Chereen is passionate about helping individuals move forward and get through their circumstances and experiences, in order to experience contentment and to feel positive emotions that they genuinely deserve.

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How did Coaching by Dear Chereen start?

Throughout my journey I have always had a desire to help others help themselves. I started my coaching journey at the young age of 19 and passionately enjoyed supporting others. As someone that has always valued mental health, I realize the importance of becoming a counselor in order to really support others through the tools and knowledge I obtained. As a result, I acquired my masters in counseling and continued/continue to acquire certifications to aid me as a coach as well. There is so much reward in supporting people and seeing them move forward or get through circumstances that are difficult. The coaching provided is in Arabic and English.

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Selwaan Mahmoud

Selwaan Mahmoud is a lifelong educator and a parent who has always believed in the power of positive intent and the importance of critical thinking. She has worked with students as young as two months in nurseries to adults in large school systems. She has trained and coached administrators, teachers, students and parents in training and implementing Conscious Discipline school wide.

Marissa Myers

Known for her empathetic nature, Marissa was determined to create a life centered around helping others. As a spiritual life coach, her main focus involves assisting those looking for a spiritual path, aiming to improve their relationship with God, and exploring themselves on a deeper level from within. Marissa is also an ordained minister, aromatherapist, and mindfulness instructor. She is currently working towards her Master's Degree in Spiritual Direction to expand her skillset.

You can find Marissa listening to Enya, cooking new recipes, and learning about herbalism in her free time.



Shahina is a master's educated biomedical engineer with 5 years of industry experience including successive growth in her roles, a mentor, and a professional life coach. She recently began her life coaching journey with the mission to provide empathy and space for individuals to identify their needs to move forward professionally and personally with purpose.


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