Advice: Is my ex my soulmate?

Advice: Is my ex my soulmate?

Dear Chereen,

Assalamualaikum. I’m feeling quite confused. I know that dating is a sin. But honestly, I used to date this guy and we sinned a lot. And, we broke up in good terms. However, I kept on praying for an answer about my ex because the more I pray to Allah SWT, the more I feel like I’m getting more closer to him. Could  we end up back again after all we sinned? And how do u know that he is ur soulmate? Thank you very much️  ❤

Dear Anonymous,

Wa Alaykum Assalam. Your best option is to pray istikhara. When you pray it, you cannot be biased about what you want. Sometimes when we want something to work out, we pray for what we want, rather than what is best for us. In your case, instead of praying that you will end up back together, pray that God will bless you with what will better you as a whole. Pray that if He is good for your soul, your faith, and will bring you closer to God, then he will complete you. But if he is not good for you and will not help you increase your faith or bring you closer to God, then he will be distanced from you. Istikhara can also help you know if someone is your soulmate. What I like about it is that it’s an answer from God. It’s Him making it clear for you, rather than you questioning whether or not it’s meant to be. Remember, you have to go in with a clear mind that isn’t favoring one path over the other.

I also want you to remember that repentance is there for a reason. You could end up back together if both of your intentions are for the right reasons, and you implement your goals. However, if you do end up back together, then it should be for good. You don’t want to put your heart through too much, it deserves to feel at ease.



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