Advice: Rough patch with friends

Advice: Rough patch with friends

Dear Chereen,

I’ve been going through a rough patch where I will just get sad because I’m feeling like the friends I care about the most don’t value me the same. This is bigger than just make new friends, I love these people. It hurts. What can I do?

Dear Friend,

Do you think that maybe you’re giving more than you’re receiving? And maybe when you measure it you don’t feel like you’re getting enough? Simply because you invest so much time and effort.
Take a step back. Sometimes when you’re very caring it affects you when you have so much to give and not everyone has the same capacity within their hearts. You’re blessed to be the way you are, but it’s quite possible that you’re giving too much. Let people come to you. Those that care will reach out. Right now, focus on making yourself happy.
Sometimes we feel alone, but even that loneliness is for a reason. When you’re surrounded by people often, you forget the importance of taking time to have a relationship with yourself. You never know, maybe God is protecting you from people that aren’t good for you. God knows, and you know not. Taking a step back and letting your friends come to you will tell you who genuinely cares and prioritizes you. Also, give, but don’t sacrifice yourself as a result. When you feel like you’re not gaining positive energy then take a step back.
Friendships are meant to make you happy. Are the friendships you’re investing your energy into worth your time? Are you getting more hurt than you are feeling happy? Do you feel like you might be holding on longer than necessary? Think about that. It could be that they’re great friends but don’t know how to prioritize you the same way. It could also be that they aren’t meant to accompany you on your journey anymore, and maybe it’s time to let go and move forward.



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