Advice: Unhappy Home 

Advice: Unhappy Home 

Dear Chereen, My Problem is my home. Sometimes I feel me my siblings and my parents aren’t happy! Even though we love us extremely, we fight over small issues, we dont feel comfortable, everybody has a different opinion.. Our parents had us very late so they dont understand the “young generation”. My little brother is the one who suffers the most bc nobody has time for him. Can you give me an advice? Bc sometimes it seems like it will never get better.
Dear friend,
Problems with family can be some of the most difficult to resolve. I understand it’s frustrating and upsetting to be sitting alone with your thoughts, uncertain how to help your parents understand the young generation.
You have a lot of pressure to conform to societal expectations, at school and with peers. Sometimes, it’s even more complicating to try to understand ourselves because we are trying our best to fit in. Such consideration you probably desire from your parents, to help alleviate some form of relief from expectations.
I think it’s important for us to recognize our parents have grown up in a completely different lifestyle than we live today. While we live under the same roof, we have different visions and understandings about problems.
If I can suggest one advice, it is to put yourself in their shoes to help you remind yourself that while they may not understand the young generation, they still love you and wish the best for you. Sometimes parental reactions may not reflect their words of love, but behind every hardship comes ease.

With Love,


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