Written by: Barah


Attachment is pain.

One thing we need to learn is not to get overly-attached to anyone or anything in this dunya. It leads to nothing but pain and sorrow. As humans we tend to get attached to people, animals, and sometimes even things.

Getting attached to people is by far the worst; we expect things from these people because we love them and we expect them to act a certain way. We hold certain people in our lives on a high pedestal, but no one is perfect, and people will disappoint us, no matter what. We always need to remember that people come and go, friends come and friends leave, so over-attachment isn’t a good thing.

Becoming attached to an animal is sometimes a killer; you may lose this animal at any point in time and it will leave you heart broken.

Finally, getting attached to things is something I don’t really understand; how could a human brain care about an object? Things come and go, but they’re never really yours.

In the end, being attached to anything or anyone but God will leave you devastated. None of these things we get attached to will come with us to our grave.

The only thing we should allow ourselves to get attached to is God and our good actions in this dunya; these two things are all that will benefit us in this life and the next, God willing.

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