Balance Beam

Balance Beam

Written by: Chereen


Balance is everything and without it; life is not as sustainable, nor is it as wonderful as it has the potential to become.

But sometimes, you fall off the balance beam. And that fall hurts because it’s high and you hit the ground that is so much lower than you realized when you climbed on the balance beam.

Balance in everything is this journey that you continue to strive and thrive towards, and life gets so difficult when you hit the ground.

Sometimes it comes in the form of thinking too much into the future, as to where your weight is all forward, and there’s nothing holding you back. It’s simply a reminder that the ability to be present is a blessing on its own.

It takes effort to be present. It requires a mental shift that hopefully becomes a routine, and even then; it can shake when life gets too difficult to comprehend. When the outcome is up in the air, it can be easy to try to grab for the sky and fall.

It’s easier said than done. I can tell you to be present, and you can ask me “How?”. You can tell me that you’re trying but you’re falling. I have learned that the solution is sometimes what initially goes against our comfort level. To become present after falling into thoughts of the future takes effort, dedication, resilience, and persistence. Most importantly, it requires not giving up on yourself.

There was a moment where my mom was in the hospital for a transplant and chemo, and I was in a different world thinking of what type of lemons life was going to hand me. I spent so much time talking to myself to become and continue to be in the state of becoming present. My mind tired me and although it was not easy, I achieved the result I needed to be able to live in the here and now. The push I had to give myself to stay present became a positive one, and although I stray into the past and future every now and then, I know it is possible to live in the here and now.

Dear friend, stand strong on your balance beam.



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