Beauty Standards?

Beauty Standards?

Written by: Barah

“Fix them!!”

“They’re so thick!!”

“They’re so bushy!!”

“Why don’t you clean them?”

“Why not shape them and thin them out???”

*23 years later*

“Wow they’re perfect”

“They’re so thick and beautiful!!”

“You’re so lucky, bushy is so in!!”

“You don’t need to do anything to them, they’re so natural!!”

The difference in comments…these are examples of some of the comments I have gotten regarding my eyebrows.

The amount of constant harassment I used to receive to “fix” my eyebrows.

The constant comments I got about how ugly, bushy, and thick they are.

The amount of criticism I got was insane.

And the amount of times people tried to play with them to help me adhere to the so called “standards of beauty”.

But now, all that is gone.

Because thick and bushy is in now, it’s the style.

It’s the next “beauty standard”.

Beauty is subjective.

“Beauty standards” doesn’t and shouldn’t exist.

Everyone is beautiful.

It’s super upsetting that young ones have to feel they’re ugly until the world says they’re not.

We need to break that unhealthy thinking by teaching our kids what true beauty is all about.

And how everyone is beautiful.

And everyone to someone is beautiful.

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