Becoming friends with my instinct

Becoming friends with my instinct

Written by: Chereen

Once upon a time, I befriended my instinct- after years of neglecting it and treating it like it was not mine.

And maybe it’s a silly thing, to say I’m friends with my instinct. To say that I have conversations with my own mind, but I promise you I’m not neurotic. I am completely fine.

How powerful it is to have an instinct, to get a feeling in your stomach or chest that tells you it’s okay to move forward. Or to walk away because something simply is not right.

And it could be that your instinct is telling you that your soul does not mesh well with another soul. It tugs on your chest and leaves you breathless. Then it turns into your mother one day and simply tells you, “I told you so.”

And there are moments where you listen to your instinct and you’re extra cautious about allowing someone into your heart. So, you build doors that take them forever to learn how to unlock, and you find that they’re a good person. It’s not a bad thing to feel this way. It’s simply your instinct protecting your mind and heart.

I hope you take walks with your instinct. I hope you listen to that gut feeling when it talks. I pray that you end up happier when you make the choice to befriend different components of you, that are always meant to protect you. May there never be a moment you leave your heart in the dark.



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