Careers 101: Business Marketing in the US

Careers 101: Business Marketing in the US


Written by: Marissa


For anyone interested in pursuing marketing, my hope is for this article to outline key components and tasks roped into the field.

How I Chose Marketing

My freshman year of college consisted of dabbling between the communications and journalism fields. Always called to writing, I desired a path that would highlight my creativity. As I focused on my journalism classes, my interest in the subject surprisingly dissipated. In that same period, I made the decision to transfer back to a university in my home state of Massachusetts. The new university did not have journalism or communications for concentrations. The combination of my loss of interest and transferring schools prompted me to consider alternative avenues if study.

I wanted to pursue a career that combined creativity, logic, and bringing in a decent income post graduation. After stumbling across business marketing during a career fair, I was drawn to its course outline. The field combined the aspects of creativity, intellect, and problem-solving that I was hunting for. The electives taught skills applicable to real-world scenarios. I eagerly signed up and made the switch to business.

My Journey of Being a Marketing Major

If you are starting undergrad in business marketing, be prepared for a hefty course load in math. A bachelor’s degree in any business concentration requires mathematical knowledge. Math has always been a personal weakness, so taking courses in calculus, economics, and accounting was challenging during my first two years. In retrospect, it was worth the learning curve. To reach a goal, you encounter doubt-filled moments that cause you to internally question your abilities. This is natural. If you’re nervous about math, do not let it deter you from marketing. Every obstacle is achievable with time. Utilizing tutorials and peer study groups while maintaining an inner drive to learn makes difficult subjects manageable!

I was lucky with my other required courses. The University of Massachusetts–Boston (my university) had a wonderful selection of electives for marketing majors. My favorite marketing electives were entrepreneurship, consumer marketing, and social media strategy. Every marketing class had a different focus, and I loved learning how to apply them. In most universities in the United States, marketing concentrations are given interesting course choices. I recommend choosing electives that excite your interests and stimulate your intellect!

My Career in Marketing

My career in marketing started at the age if nineteen. I was on-boarded as a Social Media Marketing Director of a small startup for three years. I transitioned into working at a few temporary marketing jobs before receiving my bachelor’s degree. After college, I became a social media analyst at another startup, creating their daily Facebook advertising campaigns and encoding marketing analytics. I stayed at this job for a little under two years. Currently, I have moved on to a digital marketing agency to become a Marketing Specialist. My handful of marketing jobs made my “marketing niche” clear–one consisting of social media strategy and digital advertising.

How to Succeed in Marketing

Be innovative. Think outside the box in regards to new business ideas, analytics, and online advertising campaigns. The best marketers enjoy challenging mundane ideas and have an eye for catching popular trends. If you are pursuing a career in marketing analytics, make sure to be strongly data focused. Explore certifications online for additional knowledge enhancement. Companies love seeing prospects with certifications relating to their marketing interests. I would also recommend finding a few niches within your marketing field. Specialization is a perfect pathway into finding your dream job.

I wish you luck in all your business related endeavors!






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