Written by: Khadeja

Every now and then I go into hyper reflective mode. I choose to take a close look at my journey thus far. Every time I do, certain points in my life are highlighted. Few of these points glow because they represent huge life changing events that were completely out of my hand.

The majority of the ‘landmarks’ are really crossroads; times in my life where I had a choice on whether I wanted to go right or left…or perhaps not move at all. Each time I passed one of these crossroads I ended up starting a different chapter in my life all because of one decision.

Do I sometimes wish that I had chosen differently? Of course I do. But then I quickly remind myself that I am exactly where I am meant to be in life and that those crossroads were merely a means to an end. Even if I chose differently, I am pretty sure that I would still end up here. I just would have had to take a few more detour to reach this destination.


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