Dear you,

Dear you,

Written by: Shahina

You who gracefully walked into this year thinking “this is it, this is going to be my year”.

You who are intimidated by change but still had to experience everything around you shift.

It’s okay to break down or feel anxious when your plans start to fall apart,

when you hit roadblocks.

Take a deep breath.



Now take a moment and adjust your goals and refocus your visions. Some of them may not be achievable given the current conditions, others may require more time—and that’s okay.

Maybe it’s not the year you train for a marathon or learn a new language; maybe it’s the year you put yourself first and focus on your unconscious thoughts, the subliminal messages your mind & body communicate to you through emotion, movement, aches & pain.

It’s still your year,

you’re growing to adapt to new conditions at the very least,

but there’s no ceiling to what you can achieve when you’re aware + in control of the thoughts flowing through your mind.

So, what are you thinking?



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