Defiant Hearts

Defiant Hearts

Written by: Abeeda


Life will often meet us with opposing conditions. If you bring truth and authenticity, it will meet you with lies and deceit. If you bring love and kindness, it will return to you hatred and cruelty. And so, we are left dismayed.

No matter how much we give, it always seems that we are slowly drained of what little good we can muster. We are left questioning our condition, and querying our intentions.

We ask ourselves, “What more must I give?”

The answer is simple: “Keep giving of whatever you have to give, but do not expect a single thing in return.”

This answer is so true and ever-resonant through time, yet its weight never quite settles into our hearts and minds. It causes much struggle; our hearts wish to defy what our logic has come to know.

The truth is, we know that this place is an embodiment of imperfection, but we still crave from it perfection. Our hearts long to know ideals so that it no longer has to ache from the pains of disappointment, but our mind knows that it must prepare, because the journey is not yet over and there is still much, much more to endure.

So, we must give, knowing that there will come a time when our every hope will be fulfilled.



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