Douse the Fire.

Douse the Fire.

Written by Amina Kausar

The global crisis continues to topple the world and we’ve lost the count of days. Adding on, there is blatant hate, bitterness, apathy and insensitivity that has layered itself over many. The darkness around is blinding and we are all frantically searching for better.


My gentle friend, 

I know you want to help— desperately and deliberately. 

You want to break this cycle. 

You want to change this cruel drill.

You want to do something to make this better.

Oh how, you want to do just anything that can help.


Do you recall when the Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) was thrown into a blazing fire by the tyrant King Namrod ? There was a little bird in the vicinity witnessing it. Sparing no time, the bird flew towards a river in the hope of carrying some water in its beak to douse the fire. The onlookers; the larger birds, the stronger ones, simply laughed at the tiny creatures innocence. ‘Is that even possible ? That a few drops of water can put off the roaring flames ? They wondered while the tiny bird continued its expedition. Upon being questioned, the reply was prompt— Allah will not ask me if I doused the fire or not. But He will ask me what ‘I’ did to help stop the fire. Glory be to Him! I’m left teary eyed as I attempt to picture this bird before my eyes.


My dear, sometimes we are threatened by thoughts and opinions that invalidate our intentions and efforts to help. Whispers reach our ears and hearts, nullifying what we do. But we must rise above it all, we must recognize that the significance of our acts lies in our honesty and sincerity in pleasing Him. Today, our capacity may be limited but we can still toil towards sprinkling glitters of light and love. Send a surprise gift to your parents, drop in some groceries at your neighbors, call up the cousin you haven’t spoken to in a while, read a funny story to your niece on Skype, raise some money for a friend that’s struggling, support and share a noble cause, 

Go on and do what you can, little bird.

And don’t you believe anyone who says otherwise.


Amina Kausar


Contributor @dearchereen

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  1. Aysha Lifam on July 29, 2020 at 11:00 am

    This left me teary eyed recalling the number of times I was threatened by the opinions of others, which invalidated my intentions doing something & stopped me from doing what I had intended. Such an eye opener, Subhanallah! ✨

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