Emotional Resilience

Emotional Resilience

Written by: Marissa

Have you watched the flow of streams?

And its gentleness on its course?

How it caresses the rocks within its path,

Shifting through obstacles without force?

Be like the rhythm of  the water,

Shifting swiftly, through harsh emotions,

When the universe gifts these obstacles,

Find your strength in flowing motions.

Within your own fluidity,

Seek this placid flow,

The course of streams are never hurried,

An ego-less image to show.

Through waters’ streams, we seek gentleness,

Devising shifts and peaceful falls,

The greatest strength is the ability to morph,

And rise whenever we fall.

For the water rises during its descent,

Down the sharpest edge,

Dripping back to its original source,

As its silent resiliency pledge.


Guide your footing back to this,

In the hardening moments of despair,

Fail to keep sorrow locked in,

Make it yours and mine to share.

In our deepest sorrow,

When the feeling lingers long,

Use my prayers and sing of water,

Your humbling, healing song.


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  1. Afsha on February 3, 2019 at 6:21 pm

    Beautifully written! Allahumma barik laha!

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