Facts of life

Facts of life

Written by: Khadeja

A lot of things are said to us during our childhood that we realize are false during adulthood. Little things like the fact that ‘there is no number less than zero’ or the fact that if you swallow an apple seed it will grow in your belly.

I remember being told again and again that there is nothing like the friends you make as a child. For the longest time I did believe it…I still do but only to a certain degree. During adulthood I was convinced that it was difficult – near impossible – to make new friends. This came from only wanting people in my life that really knew me. And I thought that the only way to truly know someone is through time, trials, and tribulations. Hence why I thought that my high school friends would be forever in my life. They still are but in a more symbolic capacity. They are always there for me and I will always be there for them. In a way they are my security blanket. I know that at the end of the day if everything else explodes and all my other friendships become severed I will still have them. Because the older the tree, the stronger the roots. Funnily enough, I don’t involve them in my daily life anymore…. we are separated by continents, time zones, and different lifestyles.

After experiencing major life changes that involved me moving countries and starting over in a place where I had no ties, I have successfully debunked the myth revolving adulthood friends. It’s not impossible but it’s not easy either.

When you are a child it is very easy to form a connection with another child. it’s usually over whatever cartoon or toy is in fashion during that time. As a child your personality is still under construction therefore you are a fluid being that just goes with it. As an adult, you have a strongly formed personality; you know very clearly what you like and dislike. In other words, you are picky with who you let into your life because there are more levels to your filtration system then just focusing on sharing the same favorite color.

It is true that old is gold, but there is value in adult friendships. They just take a bit more effort to mine.


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