False Realities – Social Media 

False Realities – Social Media 

Written by: Abeeda


We seem to be slowly losing our senses; social media is stealing our sanity.

We let this falsified world become the gauge for our happiness, and then wonder why we are slowly falling into sadness.

We let numbers define our self-worth, and find ourselves disheartened by the “rejection” that is felt by the lack of likes.

We have hundreds of friends following our progress, yet no one to turn to when the need for sincere advice should arise.

We have become social media obsessed, but in reality we are becoming socially reclusive.

The numbers, the constant connection, the over-exposure–our anxiety grows when these false realities begin to corrode our understanding of our true realities.

The margins have become blurred and we no longer know how to distinguish the superficial from the real.

We have become lost, but our hearts are aching to be found again.



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