Finding Purpose

Finding Purpose

Written by: Abeeda


For so long, I lived without realising I was not living for myself. I lived for everyone and everything that touched my life. I was overjoyed when others became fulfilled from my giving, so I kept giving.

As time passed, I realized that I no longer felt the warmth of the sun, nor did I feel soaked by the downpour of rain; I was passing through life, unfeeling of what was within myself, but so aware of what lay behind the eyes of others.

We often let life carry us through, and because it feels effortless, requiring so little engagement from our senses and emotions, we simply flow.

But, there always comes a day, a moment, an event, that snaps us out of our flow; we are forced to feel again, and realize our reality.

It is a beautiful thing to be at the service of others, but when we neglect ourselves and do not stop to check on our own emotional state, we do ourselves an injustice. If we are helping others find purpose but becoming lost about our own, we slowly begin to feel empty inside. As that void becomes larger, we become increasingly restless with our position in life.

So, if you are finding yourself unmindful of where your path is going, take some time each day, and ask yourself,

“What do I feel about where I am today?”

If we find this question overwhelms us with answers that leave us disappointed, we know we owe ourselves more time and space to focus on finding a more purposeful path.

Just as you love to see others contented and fulfilled, know that you are deserving of this too.



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