Get through to your aching heart

Get through to your aching heart

Written by: Chereen


“Get through it,” says the little voice inside your heart. It echoes through your veins, but you still attempt to silence it. “Get through it,” the voice tells you again as it makes your heart ache. The ache in your heart comes as a result of being ignored, neglected, avoided, or rejected. You want to get over the pain. You want to start a new page without having to turn the sheet that was yesterday. It hurts you to think about allowing your fingers to touch that page that has been stabbed with words that ache to think about. There are certain things in life you cannot get over. You can get over a bad test grade once you have made up for it with one or two good test grades. You can get over a spilled drink once you get a re-fill. You can even get over your first heartbreak once the right person comes around to show you how you deserve to be treated. These simple heartbreaks are easy to get over, but certain things you can only get through.

Like loss. Get over loss, and you grow leaves of insanity within your heart that tug at you each time you think of the past and how it wrecked your heart. Get over the person who made you believe then broke your dreams, and your heart will burn each time their name is mentioned or each time thoughts of them are recollected. Get over the death of someone you absolutely adore, and you will find yourself shaking when you see a picture of them or when you pass their favorite chair. I know about the last one because that was me, until I realized that was a kind of pain I had to get through. That permanent loss was one I had to grieve, and I had to grieve it to the max if I wanted to get through the tunnel and experience the sunlight that awaited my renewed heart.

Get through the loss, so that your heart will become full again. It might hurt and it might burn, but in the end your heart will be intact. It might be easier for you to get rid of every memory that you can touch, but the memories in your mind will never disappear. They will always be there, and the longer your reject them, the more that they will hurt you.

Accept the past as part of your story. Accept the good, the bad, the ugly, and the sweet memories as life experiences. The parts that hurt you are vital to your growth as a distinct individual. The people that made your heart twist are teachers sent to you by the One, to give you a life of purpose and a lesson meant to help you grow. The more you avoid the whispers of your heart, the more you grow bitter, and the less you learn. Try hard to get over it, and you will fall backwards, until you can no longer get up. You will rise up in the moment that you decide to get through the obstacles and accept that your heart will never be the same. It might not be the heart that you once knew. It might have wounds that need to be cleaned, and pain that needs to be soothed with time and patience. Your heart might feel so heavy, but it is only because you burden it with the past. This heart of yours that beats to the rhythm you allow it it to, it might be completely different, but it will come out better. Get through it, and your heart will break out of its shell and develop a newer one. A newer heart, one that can withhold more pain and accept more love. The rhythm of your heart will always be a result of the way you allowed your heart to heal.


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  1. Noha on April 12, 2017 at 1:54 pm

    Absolutely beautiful and so true my dear Chereen <3

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