He who knows your true strength

He who knows your true strength

Written by: Barah

It’s scary sometimes, you know… life. It’s always coming at you with so many trials and tribulations. Sometimes it truly feels like they’re never ending. And It’s just one thing after another. That you find yourself losing sight of all the good little things that happen in between. I’m guilty of that. So many good things happen in our lives, but they tend to blur out and melt in between all the hardships.

I get it, it’s hard to remember the good when you feel the bad outweighs it. But that’s where the real challenge truly is. And where the real strength shines through. Because nothing helps us out of those bad moments more than remembering all the good ones!

Therefore, you need to pull yourself together and remember; God never burdens someone with more than they can handle. If it was given to you, then you can handle it. You just need to really believe in that.  


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