His Mercy

His Mercy

Written by: Abeeda


You feel yourself falling into darkness, enveloped by an abyss of fallen hopes, broken promises, and endless despair. You are suspended in this moment, in this nothingness.

You feel numb.

You meet all the mundanities of life; you’re going through the motions, but your sense of feeling has left your body, and it has become like a hollow of who you once were.

There is, deep within you, a glimmer of light. A hope buried amidst a lifetime of sorrows.

That light is the whisper of faith that you hear faintly as you drag yourself through the darkness.

It is due to this light and your desperation to hold onto it that He blesses you with small miracles in your day: The friend who came into your life on the off-chance, the reminder that momentarily eased your pain, the love that is persistent from family and friends, or even that stranger who offered you the warmth of their sincere smile.

His Mercy presents itself as the light that appears even on our darkest days, delicately urging us to keep going, even if we no longer know how.





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