I Admire You

I Admire You

Written by: Seada


Displaying admiration for another person is one simple yet effective way to strengthen a relationship.  Think about it for a minute. When someone reveals that they admire you, do you feel an instant attachment to that person?  We choose our friends based on attraction. We share with them our values, hopes, and dreams because we are confident they care to know our thoughts. When we know someone admires or appreciates us, we feel less stressed out, which re-energizes us and re-focuses our attention on the better side of life.

Dr. Gottman tells us that its possible for fondness and admiration to be rekindled in a relationship that is burning out.  However, any visible change requires a few basic tenants: patience, determination, responsibility, and a new vision. Over extended periods of time, couples stated they feel in love all over again, “Just like the old days.”

Here’s how we can re-build admiration in our relationship:

  1. Tell your partner what you admire about them: “I admire you for being kind; I admire you for listening to me when I was stressed.”

I told you the recipe to re-kindle love is simple! We assume a drastic shift or some miracle must happen for our relationships to heal. Assumptions are defenses and misunderstandings. The reality is this. All human beings, myself included, want to be wanted, needed, and loved. The three simple keys required to heal and strengthen love in all relationships.

Reminder: if the mentioned guideline does not serve a higher purpose, please feel free to return to old patterns of thinking, living, and believing.

With love,


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