I am the woman of the past, present, and future (#beboldforchange)

I am the woman of the past, present, and future (#beboldforchange)

This is the second in a series of articles from Dear Chereen’s contributors in honor of International Women’s Day. With the hashtag #beboldforchange, we are highlighting bold women, embracing the power of femininity, and celebrating women all over the world.


Written by: Sophie


I am the woman of the past, present, and future.


I am the single mother that wakes every day, pulling my strength for my children’s sake.

See me stand bold and strong like the wind, taking every problem in my stride, knowing I’ll win.

Yes, I have the roles of two parents and get the job done; when I look in their eyes my children sparkle–We love you, Mum!

I am the woman who stood her ground, making decisions no man has found.

The applause you make when I give a speech makes my heart rush and tingles my feet.

Yes, I have struggled to come all this way, fighting the wicked who thought I’d lead astray.

See how I proved you oh so wrong, look at me stamp my heels, “Yes, I got the job done!”

Join my hands and embrace the passion; woman power will never go out of fashion.

See how I rise when you get me down? You thought I’d hit rock bottom, but now who’s the clown?

I am the leader in this inferior game, I’ll show you whose boss and we’re not to blame.

So let’s come together. We are women and sisters; stand behind us and learn a few tricks, Misters!

We will continue to flourish like flowers everywhere.

And succeed with good intention now that’s not a speculation……….WORD!



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